I have a fairly exciting announcement to share. On January the 18th, I will be packing up my bags and moving to NYC for five months. I'll be studying over in the States for a semester of my university degree, then in June, I'm meeting up with the boyfriend and some friends to travel for a further two months. We're planning on visiting Italy, Spain, Croatia and Turkey. 

It's all very, very exciting! However, I'm absolutely petrified that I'm promptly going to freeze to death upon my arrival to NYC. So, as any sensible girl in my position would do, I've trawled through the websites of several high-street chains, and planned out exactly what I'll be purchasing as soon as I arrive. 

Clockwise from top-left. Topshop Textured Swing Coat, Zara Funnel Neck Jumper, Zara Houndstooth Skort, Zara Leather Ankle Boot, The Reformation Primrose Dress, Topshop Wool Biker Jacket, Kate Spade Saturday Large Utility Bag, J. Crew Cable Knit Trapper Hat, Topshop Boa Boots

On the top of my list are: oversized, roll-neck jumpers, shearling jackets, thigh-high boots with a mid-heel, dark grey denim, preppy coats in statement colours (pale pink, powder blue or cream), pale, butter-soft leather, as well as houndstooth, plaid, and gingham prints. As I am reluctant to completely forgo the idea of skirts and dresses (regardless of below-zero temperatures) I'm also planning on purchasing Woolford 'winter' tights because I've heard they are incredibly warm. 

I'd love some suggestions as to what to bring or purchase once I'm in NYC! Being an Australian (who considers 10 degrees cold) any advice would be very appreciated!